Very close from Reggio Emilia, in a hilly and quiet place, Landscape Studio offers the perfect combination of quality and location to work away from the noise of the city.

The main plus of the structure is certainly the acoustics of the control room, designed and builded to create a unique sound. Inside were realized productions and finalizations for the most important artists of the music scene.
Landscape Studio offers services of mixing, mastering and audio production. Possibility to create media content (booklet, graphics and videos) to provide a service to 360°.

Landscape Studio is easily accessible from the highway and train station.


Our services



Audio Production



The mixing service is made according to your needs and requests, using analog equipment and highly professional plug-ins. This type of finalization includes EQing, dynamic processing, vocal tuning, denoising, reverb, dithering and more. The standard for mixdown is made to 24-bit /WAV format. We offer the possibility to mixdown even on tape, by prior arrangement.


The mastering service is realized using analogue outboard gears and dedicated plug-ins chains. Possibility of optimization for any support or platform: iTunes, vinyl, CD and more.
For all new customers we offer the opportunity to listen the master (1 min) of their track for free!
We export to 16 or 24 bit WAV format.

Audio Production

Our services of audio production include:

  • Audio books
  • Public service announcements instore/outstore
  • Audio brand logo
  • Sound design services



Contact us

Contact us for more info.

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